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ROBUST pipe MILITARY cable protector is intended for demanding conditions where it is impossible or very expensive to transport and use backfill material. ROBUST pipe MILITARY is made of HDPE with an additional protective sheath of foamed polyethylene and achieves a mechanical load resistance of ≥1450 N/20 cm2. RpM enables sand-free laying and backfilling of material up to a grain size of 63 mm. The surface is smooth and tough, therefore it facilitates the retraction of the pipes and at the same time provides them with a very effective protection against damage. The casing is bound to the inner tube only by physical forces, so it can be easily separated. Separation is necessary before connecting pipes. Between the base pipe and the protective layer, a variant of an integrated copper signaling wire of min. cross-section of 1.5 mm2, which will allow locating the pipe and checking its integrity. In addition, it is very well protected against damage and corrosion in moisture or the effects of stray currents with a protective cover. Its cross-section is sufficient for all common search methods.

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The RpM cable protector is designed to protect optical, telecommunication, communication lines and cables. RpM is used wherever the total cost of assembly and backfill material is high.

ROBUST pipe MILITARY can be laid in any trench, always keeping in mind the function of the system's ability. They are suitable for all methods without excavation technology and without sand filling.

Why use ROBUST pipe MILITARY protectors

  • reduced risk of damaged pipe failure
  • resistance to point load
  • increased resistance to pitting corrosion under stress
  • extended lifespan
  • improved weldability
  • robust protection against damage
  • sand-free laying, enabling the filling of material up to a grain size of 63 mm
  • suitable for all trenchless technologies
  • easy underground detection (if using a detection wire)