Passive fire protection system

We bring a comprehensive view and solution to the passive fire protection of buildings as a whole.

Cable protection of underground and above ground infrastructure

We bring the answer in the form of a unique, comprehensive, verified and certified cable solution.

A comprehensive solution for passive optical infrastructure

We have been providing solutions for FTTx optical infrastructure for almost two decades.

Switchboard systems

We deliver to telecommunications, industry, technology centers, for the field of automation, transport and IT infrastructure.

Professional communication and access systems

We solve voice and video communication, access control and management in demanding sectors such as justice, defense, industry, critical infrastructure, hospitals and transport.

Mechanical safety systems and protection of critical infrastructure

We supply solutions for securing objects against the access of dangerous vehicles (HVM - Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) and traffic management systems.

Data infrastructure

We create innovative and complex solutions for data infrastructure. We are a trusted partner for globally respected manufacturers.

Complex solutions for communication and security

We create projects, provide training and supply material



Meet our suppliers - EFB-Elektronik

EFB-Elektronik GmbH is a leading manufacturer and system provider of networking technology and industrial system solutions. Their expertise ranges...

EFB-Elektronik GmbH is a leading manufacturer and system provider of networking technology and industrial system solutions. Their expertise ranges from structured cabling using certified high-end products for data centres to custom developments for industrial clients.

Their brands are renowned across Europe for representing top-quality cabling systems. In the area of structured cabling systems, EFB-Elektronik offers their two strong brands INFRALAN® (shielded cabling system) and ECOLAN® (unshielded cabling system).
INFRALAN® is well above the compliance threshold for the current transmission rates specified by ISO/IEC 11801 Act.6A and holds a variety of certifications, such as GHMT, DELTA or ETL.
The 25-year INFRALAN® system warranty provides the necessary investment protection. This ensures compliance with the transmission properties of structured copper and fiber cabling according to norms and standards valid at the time of installation.

Team EFB-Elektronik services customers worldwide from their headquarters in Bielefeld, Germany. Their customer base includes renowned household names from the IT and security industry, as well as medium sized companies and large corporations. Their goal is to always offer the best possible service to their customers, starting from a wide range of products and solutions from a single source - counselled from long-standing experienced, personal and competent contact partners - to a high stock availability.

A membership in the international TKH Group based in the Netherlands, with more than 6,000 employees and production facilities around the globe, gives them additional leverage for the benefit of their customers. The EFB group of companies has 330 employees across nine locations in Europe, five of them in Germany, three subsidiary companies located in Istanbul, Copenhagen and Vienna and one production site in Slovakia.


Architecture, concept and solution

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Training, presentation and certification

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Development, production and uniqueness

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Testimonials from our partners

We chose REWAN as a supplier of security and structured cabling technologies for prions in Slovakia due to high quality of their products, individual approach, and their willingness to communicate with the customers.

Mgr. Peter Machata
Deputy Director for ICT division

Directorate General of the Judiciary Guards and Prison Wardens Corps

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