Our projects

Slovakia: Porsche - Center for Automation and Robotization of Automotive Manufacturing

The German manufacturer of luxury sports cars, Porsche, is building a new factory for the production of car bodies in Slovakia and is working on the launch of a new technology center for the division of robotic lines. The total cost of implementation is 1 billion euros. It will consist of eight halls and the completion of this project is expected in 2027. For Porsche Werkzeugbau, our company supplied OPI PIPELIFE system CPQ main cable duct and hundreds of ROPI system transitions.

Czechia: Technological complex Švédske šance

The assembly hall on Černovická terrace was supplemented by six buildings with facilities for local companies. It bears the historical name Swedish Chance, which dates back to the time of the siege of Brno. Offices and facilities for employees will also find their place in the magnificently conceived grounds of the technology center. The premises will offer the possibility of catering, parking and also a variety of recreational opportunities. The entire structure will form a set of six interconnected buildings in the shape of the letter H. Our company supplied complex structured cabling for the technology center, including the supply of metallic cables.

Czechia: Veletrhy Brno a.s.

The Brno Exhibition Center is a Czech exhibition complex located in the Brno-střed district, in the cadastral territory of Pisárka. The owner of the area is the company Veletrhy Brno, which runs fairs, exhibitions, parades, concerts and various other events here all year round. Currently, the area of the exhibition center is protected as a cultural monument. Pavilion P is an exhibition building of the Brno exhibition center built in 2009 south of pavilion Z. Our company took care of the delivery of the entire optical network and its accessories, including a complete design meeting the strict requirements of the customer.

Hungary: W-SCOPE Hungary plant Kft.

W-Scope Corporation has decided to carry out its expansion outside of Asia in Hungary on an 82-hectare area purchased in the Southern Industrial Park of Nyíregyháza - Hungary, which will give it the opportunity to directly serve its European customers from the second half of 2024. Separation film will be produced here - used for lithium-ion batteries. The project is unique in its kind as it promises to be the largest such facility in the world in terms of width, length and operating speed for the production of blank and coating films. The amount of costs for the realization of this construction is 720 million euros. Our company also put a hand to the work with several OPI shafts, with a cable duct made of corrugated protectors and also an OPI cable duct, which will be the main distribution from their substations.

Slovakia: National football stadium Bratislava

The national football stadium is located on the site of the original Tehelné pole stadium, built between 1939 and 1942. The basic concept of the architectural and urban design of the area is that the object of the football stadium should be perceived more like a city block and not as a stand-alone solitary building. This important building, not only for football lovers, became the building of the year 2019. For this project, our company supplied a complete audio video communication system in the most modern version in the IP version, which guarantees top quality sound in accordance with regulations for the disabled.

Slovakia: Východoslovenská distribučná, a.s.

VSD is an energy company whose main activity is the distribution of electricity through its own distribution system to the final consumer. Our company, in cooperation with VSD a.s., designed and delivered all the necessary products for the construction of a new optical infrastructure. This project included hundreds of kilometers of overhead TKF optical cables for VVN and HV lines, several kilometers of underground TKF optical cables, a number of HDPE optical protectors and more than 1,500 pieces of RIBE steel fittings for fixing optical cables for connection up to 580m point-to-point.

Slovakia: Eurovea II

Bratislava is growing and changing more than ever before. Eurovea City is located on the banks of the Danube, on the site of a former industrial area. Now a modern district has grown up there, which has assumed the role of the social and cultural center of the city. Its dominant feature is the first Slovak skyscraper, Eurovea Tower. The scope of delivery from our company for this interesting project was extensive: up to 36 hole central cable duct, OPI PIPELIFE system CPQ and ROPI system transition.

Slovakia: Hronovce detention center

The detention center in Hronovce is a unique facility of its kind, the first in Slovakia. A new type of medical facility that provides institutional health care in continuous operation for persons in detention. Detention facilities have high security standards and their role is to ensure that detainees are properly guarded to prevent their escape. Our company contributed to the high level of security and we supplied for this project an anti-terrorist entrance gate and road blocker with PAS certification, a large number of communication and intercom system voices for the prison environment, several kilometers of S/FTP data cable, a number of prison solenoid locks with complete electronics, data switchboards of the 4DC series for server rooms, OPI PIPELIFE CPQ system cable duct and hundreds of LED lights intended for prisons and thin constitutions.

Slovakia: Modernization of the Púchov – Žilina line, section Púchov – Považská Bystrica - tunnel Diel

The modernization of the track on the Púchov - Žilina section is an important project on the railway route in the Slovak Republic, which won the title CONSTRUCTION OF THE YEAR 2022. This section is part of an important line that connects Bratislava with Žilina. A new Diel tunnel was built on the Púchov - Považská Bystrica section, where our company supplied several pieces of server data switchboards, tens of kilometers of TKF optical cables in the best design to handle demanding conditions and regulations, and several kilometers of OPI PIPELIFE CPQ system cable duct.

Slovakia: ŽSR, Completion of the Žilina-Teplička establishment station and related railway infrastructure

The completion of the Žilina-Teplička marshalling station includes the construction of new tracks, the reconstruction and modernization of existing infrastructure elements and the construction of new technological facilities. This project aims to improve and optimize rail transport in this area. For this project, we delivered: TKF optical cables, dozens of INFRALAN series data distribution boards, a complete infrastructure of CISCO active devices worth half a million EUR, OPI PIPELIFE CPQ system cable ducts, OPI cable chambers and many kilometers of HDPE optical protectors designed according to the customer's request.

Slovakia: Critical infrastructure - anti-terrorist barriers

Protecting critical infrastructure is a key aspect of national security and stability. Anti-terrorist defenses are systems that are designed to prevent terrorist attacks or minimize their impact on critical infrastructure. These barriers may include physical barriers, e.g. road blockers, automatic. and static bollards, monitoring systems, detection technologies and various security measures. Our company supplies various industries with critical infrastructure from our wide range of products.

Slovakia: Sučany juvenile detention center

The Specialized Juvenile Penitentiary Institution in Sučany was officially established on January 1, 1976, and all convicted juveniles with permanent residence in Slovakia were housed in the facilities. During the modernization of this institute, our company participated in the supply of a complete Castel audio communication and communication system in a digital version, which guarantees top quality sound and simple operation, which facilitates and makes the work of the staff more efficient. The integration of this system ensures the safe management of premises and facilitates the monitoring of the movement of staff, prisoners and visitors.

Slovakia: Nitra-Chrenová Prison Service Institute for Women

The Nitra-Chrenová Penitentiary is one of the most modern prison facilities in Slovakia. The construction of the institution began on June 17, 1991, took place in several stages and was completed with the handing over of the administrative building on December 20, 1999. The institution is intended for the execution of prison sentences for women in the minimum, medium and maximum levels of custody. During the modernization of this institution, our company also participated. We supplied a complete Castel audio communication and communication system in digital and IP design, which guarantees top quality sound and simple operation, which facilitates and makes the work of the staff more efficient.

Slovakia: D1 freeway

Upon completion of the freeway section Fričovce - Svinia, the entire transit traffic of the road I/18, stretching across five municipalities, has been rerouted. Fričovce - Svinia section ends at the intersection Svinia where the freeway is connected to the section Svinia- Prešov, západ. The second section, Jánovce - Jabloňov, is connected to the above mentioned section before the Levoča intersection from the southern part of the city Levoča. The route enters the Šibenik tunnel under the foot of the hill of the same name. The section ends at the connection to the next section of D1 expressway, Jablonov - Studenec, near the municipality of Nemešany. REWAN fully supplied HDPE ground cable protection pipes of approx. 120km in length, dividers, cover plates, and other components. Few dozens of kilometers of fiber-optic cables LTC 24 were supplied for the project.

Slovakia: IBS SLOVNAFT, a.s., terminál Stožok

Terminál Stožok is a company specialized in receipt and storage of engine fuels (i.e. diesel fuel and gasoline). Fuels are stored in tank block of large capacity. Afterwards, they are held in railway storage tanks. For the reconstruction purposes, we supplied light-current technologies, TKF fiber-optic cables, EFB structured cabling, cable management solution for demanding and hazardous environment, and Pipelife and Euro2000 ducts.

Slovakia: 3rd and 4th block of Mochovce nuclear power plant

One of three nuclear plant projects currently being implemented in EU. The project investment is the largest private investment in the history of Slovakia. REWAN supported the investment as well by delivering complete fiber-optic infrastructure that complies with highest fire standards. We've supplied more than one hundred kilometers of fiber-optic cable HFFR.

Czechia: Blanka Praha tunnel system

The vastest underground construction, the longest tunnel in Czech Republic, and the longest city tunnel in Europe. What was our engagement in the project? We’ve supplied non-flammable and halogen-free fiber-optic cables, HFFR cable protection duct for the main cabling, and fiber-optic components E2000 serving as closure of thousands of optical fibers for the control system.

Slovakia: New A and B terminals on Bratislava Airport

The construction was divided into two stages. Terminal A was built in 2008 whereas terminal B in 2012. We were also engaged in the project, delivering high-end structured cabling system, fiber-optic cables and fiber-optic components for the construction of fiber-optic lines and connections.

Czechia: Václav Havel Airport in Prague

We supplied LTMC high-capacity mini cables for the fiber-optic connection and circuit of control towers of Václav Havel Airport for the state-owned enterprise, Riadenie letovej prevádzky. Our job was to install few dozens of kilometers of fiber-optic cables for the most demanding conditions.

Slovakia: R1 expressway

The construction of R1 expressway section Nitra - Banská Bystrica required labor force of 2,700 workers, almost 700 heavy machines and the same number of vehicles. REWAN’s task was to supply complete pipeline system, of higher ring stiffness SN10 dozens of kilometers in length.

Czechia: High-speed fiber-optic network in Pardubice and Lázně Bohdaneč

Metropolitan network in Pardubice and Lázně Bohdaneč is the most extensive fiber-optic network in the region. It enables not only high-speed internet connection but also TV broadcasting. For this project, we have supplied dozens kilometers of fiber-optic cables, HDPE cable protection ducts, and fiber-optic accessories for cable closure.

Slovakia: Introduction of ERTMS for the Railways of Slovak Republic (ŽSR)

The implementation of GSM-R (Global System for Mobile Communications - Railway) comprised construction of communication system between train and control centers and the corresponding infrastructure to enable mobile and data communication for the railway traffic on the track Bratislava - Žilina - Čadca - Czech Republic-Slovakia border crossing. Scope of delivery: 90km of suspension cables ADSS 48 LTC for demanding environment, special suspension components, and passive network infrastructure.

Slovakia: Želiezovce Penitentiary Institution

The Želiezovce Penitentiary was established on December 18, 1952. During the modernization of this institution, our company participated in the provision of a complete Castel audio communication and communication system in FULL IP design, which guarantees top quality sound, a high degree of integration, and the possibility of setting and personalization. The integration of this system ensures the safe management of premises, the movement of personnel, prisoners and visitors.

Czechia: AZ TOWER in Brno

AZ tower is the highest building in Czech Republic. It is situated on the corner of the streets Pražáková and Heršpická ulica. The tower has 13 stories and a record height of 111 meters. It was designed by the architecture firm Burian - Křivnik. We were also part of the project, delivering the ducting system with higher fire resistance.