Our projects

AZ TOWER in Brno

AZ tower is the highest building in Czech Republic. It is situated on the corner of the streets Pražáková and Heršpická ulica. The tower has 13 stories and a record height of 111 meters. It was designed by the architecture firm Burian - Křivnik. We were also part of the project, delivering the ducting system with higher fire resistance.

D1 freeway

Upon completion of the freeway section Fričovce - Svinia, the entire transit traffic of the road I/18, stretching across five municipalities, has been rerouted. Fričovce - Svinia section ends at the intersection Svinia where the freeway is connected to the section Svinia- Prešov, západ. The second section, Jánovce - Jabloňov, is connected to the above mentioned section before the Levoča intersection from the southern part of the city Levoča. The route enters the Šibenik tunnel under the foot of the hill of the same name. The section ends at the connection to the next section of D1 expressway, Jablonov - Studenec, near the municipality of Nemešany. REWAN fully supplied HDPE ground cable protection pipes of approx. 120km in length, dividers, cover plates, and other components. Few dozens of kilometers of fiber-optic cables LTC 24 were supplied for the project.

IBS SLOVNAFT, a.s., terminál Stožok

Terminál Stožok is a company specialized in receipt and storage of engine fuels (i.e. diesel fuel and gasoline). Fuels are stored in tank block of large capacity. Afterwards, they are held in railway storage tanks. For the reconstruction purposes, we supplied light-current technologies, TKF fiber-optic cables, EFB structured cabling, cable management solution for demanding and hazardous environment, and Pipelife and Euro2000 ducts.

3rd and 4th block of Mochovce nuclear power plant

One of three nuclear plant projects currently being implemented in EU. The project investment is the largest private investment in the history of Slovakia. REWAN supported the investment as well by delivering complete fiber-optic infrastructure that complies with highest fire standards. We've supplied more than one hundred kilometers of fiber-optic cable HFFR.

New A and B terminals on Bratislava Airport

The construction was divided into two stages. Terminal A was built in 2008 whereas terminal B in 2012. We were also engaged in the project, delivering high-end structured cabling system, fiber-optic cables and fiber-optic components for the construction of fiber-optic lines and connections.

Václav Havel Airport in Prague

We supplied LTMC high-capacity mini cables for the fiber-optic connection and circuit of control towers of Václav Havel Airport for the state-owned enterprise, Riadenie letovej prevádzky. Our job was to install few dozens of kilometers of fiber-optic cables for the most demanding conditions.

R1 expressway

The construction of R1 expressway section Nitra - Banská Bystrica required labor force of 2,700 workers, almost 700 heavy machines and the same number of vehicles. REWAN’s task was to supply complete pipeline system, of higher ring stiffness SN10 dozens of kilometers in length.

Blanka Praha tunnel system

The vastest underground construction, the longest tunnel in Czech Republic, and the longest city tunnel in Europe. What was our engagement in the project? We’ve supplied non-flammable and halogen-free fiber-optic cables, HFFR cable protection duct for the main cabling, and fiber-optic components E2000 serving as closure of thousands of optical fibers for the control system.

High-speed fiber-optic network in Pardubice and Lázně Bohdaneč

Metropolitan network in Pardubice and Lázně Bohdaneč is the most extensive fiber-optic network in the region. It enables not only high-speed internet connection but also TV broadcasting. For this project, we have supplied dozens kilometers of fiber-optic cables, HDPE cable protection ducts, and fiber-optic accessories for cable closure.

Introduction of ERTMS for the Railways of Slovak Republic (ŽSR)

The implementation of GSM-R (Global System for Mobile Communications - Railway) comprised construction of communication system between train and control centers and the corresponding infrastructure to enable mobile and data communication for the railway traffic on the track Bratislava - Žilina - Čadca - Czech Republic-Slovakia border crossing. Scope of delivery: 90km of suspension cables ADSS 48 LTC for demanding environment, special suspension components, and passive network infrastructure.