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We cooperate with leading global companies


Pipelife is a supplier of plastic pipe systems with the widest range of PVC, PE, and PP products. It operates- 27 production plants in 27 countries worldwide. Pipelife has 2,650 employees and generates turnover of about €800m. The Slovak and Czech subsidiary has been on the market since its establishment in 1994. It is part of the holding company PIPELIFE International based in Wiener Neudorf, Austria. As a plastic pipeline market leader, Pipelife focuses on top speed technology development.



TKF develops and produces high-quality cable solutions for broadband, power engineering, navy, railways, industry, and households. Founded in 1930, TKF has grown from local cable manufacturer to a global market leader. The status derives from wide range of products, i.e. fiber-optic, copper, and aluminum cables including complete accessories. BV Twentsche Kabelfabriek’s headquarters is located in Haaksbergen, Netherlands.



ACE stands for certified and guaranteed concept of passive FTTx network architecture. The overall system brings to light new visions of fiber-optic network architecture on the broadband market. ACE is not only product-oriented, but also provides compatibility of particular components and delivers complete passive solution.



CASTEL has 40 years of experience in continuous production of IP communication devices, access systems, voice and image communication systems, and security intercom solutions. It is one of the key players in the segment of intercoms and access systems. CASTEL has been developing and producing access control solutions with professional intercom and security systems since 1970.  And they don’t hesitate to make use the accumulated know-how and technical knowledge for all their products and projects. The production plant in Saumur, France employs more than 70 people and delivers more than 100,000 products annually.



EFB - ELEKTRONIK produces and distributes data network components.
Founded in 1989, it has approx. 150 employees in production and sales.
ECOLAN: certified system of structured cabling,
INFRALAN - HIGH END: elite structured cabling system,
ECOFIBER: complete range of fiber-optic components and accessories,
ECOPROTECT: analog and digital camera system solution.
EFB - ELEKTRONIK furthermore focuses on production of components and solutions for computing and data centers. Their products are highly appreciated among their customers, such as distributors, installation partners, network operators, and security agencies.



Based in Moden, Italy, Opera was established in 1997 with one goal: provide services and high-quality products for the security industry. Opera has evolved into technology supplier for door systems and furthermore offers solutions to improve security and personal protection industry. It operates in 22 countries across Europe, Africa, and Middle East.


EURO2000 srl

EURO 2000 is a company specialized in production and sales of systems for metallic and fiber-optic cable protection. A broad range of products includes solid and bending pipes, brushings, and accessories of the highest quality with application in the industry, power engineering, maritime and railway transport. EURO 2000 was founded in 1999 in Vigano di Gaggiano of Milan, Italy. The production is centered in modern plant on the premises of 4,0000m² where the control of the entire production process is supervised from in-house laboratory with IMQ, RINA, and CSI. By data collection and processing, which document all production steps necessary to produce the finished product from the raw material, the company stays compliant with quality and reference standards.



Swiss cable supplier for complex solutions of electrical and communication infrastructures, buildings and FTTx. Dätwyler has approximately 200 employees and generates turnover of €200m. The central focus of the company is development and production of high-quality fiber-optic and metallic network infrastructure solutions for wide range of WAN, MAN, and LAN applications in access networks and data centers. All solutions are designed with respect to the requirements of the future and customized according to the customers’ need.



2direct GmbH is an international company based in Germany. Founded in Lüdenscheid in 2001, it sells more than 5,000 different products in almost all major markets around the world. The ever-growing range of innovative product solutions, as well as consistent and structured marketing strategies, have led the company to an ever-increasing growth of the company with excellent chances for success in the future.



Avon Barrier are specialists in hostile vehicle mitigation and traffic control systems, today they are global exporters of impact tested Vehicle Security Barriers (VSB) as defined by the UK’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI). Testing of their road blockers, traffic control barriers, bollards and gates is rigorous and has included impact testing to the internationally recognised standards PAS 68, IWA 14-1 & ASTM 2656.

It is an ISO 9001 accredited company and it sets high standards of professionalism in their approach to providing solutions to the clients’ needs.



BKT Elektronik has been developing complex infrastructure solutions for data transmission and security systems for over twenty years. Experienced tachnical staff, modern technological processes, comprehensive offer and a high level of commitment allow them to build a competitive advantage and thus participate in the largest infrastructure projects in Poland and abroad.